Thursday, August 20, 2009

SMRT train disrupted at Ang Mo Kio

"Police have arrested a man for attempting suicide by jumping onto the Ang Mo Kio MRT train tracks.

He is believed to have injured his arm.

According to several eye witnesses, the man, believed to be in his mid 20s, was led away by the police.

UPDATE: "According to the Chinese evening daily, the pair had exchanged a few heated words before the 26-year-old man stopped and remained silent, while his mother continued to reprimand him. He leapt onto the tracks shortly after.

The mother then cried for help, alarming the passengers on the platform.

"I had just gotten off the train at the opposite platform when I heard a woman shouting: 'My son is committing suicide, help!'", said Ms Cai, a 45-year-old store owner.

Station staff alerted the driver of a train that was approaching the station and managed to stop it on time.

The man eventually climbed up onto the platform after being coaxed by the staff. He was then sent to a hospital by an ambulance that had arrived at the scene. Shin Min Daily News reported that the man's arm was injured as a result of the incident.

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