Friday, February 20, 2009

Gutter lives on!

"Google/Blogger know the authors of the blog are not based in Malaysia, they know the blog is not in Malaysia. So it should not be censored because certain people in Malaysian are unhappy with seeing one of their politicians spreading her legs for her boyfriend.

The pictures were allegedly taken by her boyfriend who we can assume had permission to be in the room with her. So if he betrayed her by leaking their intimate pictures to local newspaper, it is his fault and her fault for trusting him in the first place. Gutterpost DID NOT SNEAK INTO HER BEDROOM AND TAKE HER PICTURES, she allow some asshole into her bedroom and her screwed her over. He had her permission to be there so those who say this is a privacy issue are dimwits.

Go after the right people, leave the Gutterpost alone. Many people had the pictures before it was sent to the Gutterpost. Many many people in Malaysia had the intimate pictures of Elizabeth Wong before they sent it in to the Gutterpost, the blog was only among the first to post it because the blog is not based in Malaysia.

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