Monday, February 9, 2009

Ex-teacher, teen had sex

"Deputy Public Prosecutor Royce Wee said the woman was teaching Chinese language and civil moral education in a primary school where the victim was in Primary 6 in 2007. She did not teach his class.

After a school trip to China, the two began calling and SMSing each other frequently. Over time, she became fond of him and began to treat him as her godson, showering him with a lot of care and attention.

When he was promoted to secondary 1, they continued to meet. They also went window shopping, watched movies and had meals together.

They began to develop intimate feelings for each each. The boy finally told her he had fallen for her, and she agreed to be his girlfriend. On March 10 last year, she booked a chalet in Pasir Ris and had sex with him.

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Mr Vicious Cycle, His Blogjesty said...

good job on the public education! Followed u.

Follow me back! Just kidding.
Well only If you want to.

Hey but after reading the news, the boy is the horny one! He refused to break of with her!

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