Sunday, January 13, 2008

Russian Travelers Arrested in Sex Acts on Commercial Flight

Two travelers shocked air passengers with a live sex show on a packed jet, a court heard on Friday.
On Friday married father-of-two Gorlov, 41, and Bezmelnitsyna, 59, were fined $979 each for outraging public decency.

"A female cabin crew member went to them and saw the female defendant was face down in the groin area of the male passenger."

She said she felt physically sick by this and it was in the full view of other passengers including children.

"She asked them to stop but shortly afterwards there were further reports from passengers saying they were engaged in an indecent act again. A crew member noticed the male defendant had his trousers unzipped and she had her hand in his groin area."



阿陈 said...

O man at least do it at home... On the plane... GROSS...

Public Educator said...

I guess this is where the sentence 'If You Don't Try, You Will Never Know' comes in. lol

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