Friday, January 18, 2008

Put on more trains during evening peak

"SINCE the taxi-fare hike, there has been a surge in train ridership. This is evident during the evening peak hours at City Hall Station Interchange where commuters are packed like sardines, even in the last cabin.

The problem is compounded when commuters disembark from south-bound trains and are not cleared by east-bound trains before the next south-bound train arrives.

I have observed that it takes two loads of passengers from south-bound trains waiting at the platform before one east-bound train arrives.

A considerable number of commuters are left on the platform as they are unable to board because the train is packed to capacity.

This process repeats itself and tapers off only after the peak period.

In order to have a better appreciation of the situation, officials from the Ministry of Transport, Land Transport Authority, Public Transport Council and Singapore Mass Rapid Transit should station themselves there between 6pm and 8pm.

To alleviate this problem SMRT should put on more trains during the evening peak hours.


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