Saturday, January 19, 2008

MCYS study finds offenders often 'groom' their prey for abuse by gaining trust

"FOUR-YEAR-OLD Julie was on her way to a playground when she ran into a 15-year-old boy she had seen often in the area.

The teenager, who sometimes gave her sweets, walked up to Julie (not her real name) and said: 'Ko Ko has a present for you. Why don't you follow me?' Ko Ko means older brother in Hokkien.

Excited, the four-year-old obeyed, ending up in a deserted Housing Board block staircase nearby.

'Close your eyes now for the surprise,' the boy instructed.

But instead of giving her sweets or toys, the teenager molested the girl.

'What they often overlook is that the danger can come from someone their kids know and trust.'


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