Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kitchen helper jailed 4 years for fatal stabbing of restaurant supervisor

We China people are not that easy to be bullied!


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Anonymous said...

From the article.

The judge said:

'It appears that he [the supervisor] was the one who started the altercation and he threw the first punch,' said the judge.

'In the course of that, you [the helper] inflicted one stab wound on the deceased which unfortunately proved to be fatal.'

[ ] - my insertion

Look at how the judge seems to imply the whole incident begins with the supervisor. Unfortunately, the helper happened to stab in the wrong part of the body during the quarrel (another word for altercation).

The intention of this whole wayang is to let him not to face death penalty or life imprisonment. Depression, really!!

You got to do better than that, right?

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