Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 more ex-inmates seek claim for extra strokes

"The case of the prisoner who received three more strokes than he should has prompted four other ex-inmates to pursue similar claims.

They have approached lawyer Joseph Chen to take up their case against the Government and seek compensation amounting to several million dollars.

Mr Chen is acting for Mr Dickson Tan, who was caned eight times, three more than what his sentence for loan-sharking called for.

Unlike Mr Tan's case, which happened last year, the punishments meted out to all four men happened more than 20 years ago.

Mr Chia Teck Kiam and Mr Kwek Hak Seng approached Mr Chen last month to represent them.

They also referred him to a third man, Mr Lin Cheng Yu, now serving time in a Thai prison for drug offences.

Mr Lim asked Mr Chen to act for him as well. All three men were members of a gang who were convicted of robbery in 1987.

Mr Chia claimed he was caned 48 times in all, twice the legal maximum of 24 lashes that can be imposed on an adult in any one trial.

The other two claimed to have been caned 12 times more than the legal limit. Each of them are seeking at least $12 million.

The fourth man, Mr Heng Kee Chiang, was convicted in Feb 1985 of theft with a weapon. He too claimed to have been given 12 strokes in excess of 24. He wants $12 million as well.

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