Sunday, December 16, 2007

Man punched, slammed by drunk US sailor

"COMMUNICATIONS manager K.M. Ho was looking for a parking lot at an open air carpark beside Wheelock Place on Friday night when someone suddenly banged on the back of his car.

Puzzled, the 36-year-old got out, only to be punched in the face and have himself slammed twice onto two cars by an American sailor reeking of alcohol.

The assault left Mr Ho with a facial wound which needed four stitches, internal bleeding in his left eye and lacerations on his nose.

His brand new $500 spectacles were shattered and his SUV had a 10-cm dent on the left from the impact of him being flung onto his car.

The sailor fled when some passers-by shouted at him. A few of them gave chase but did not catch him.

One of them, undergraduate Lim Jiaqi, 21, said the sailor had disturbed others in the carpark minutes before attacking Mr Ho.

Said Mr Lim: 'The same man had rushed into a woman's car when she was loading groceries into her trunk. He locked himself in and refused to get out. Some people at a nearby pub had to drag him out of the car.'

The sailor was described as big-sized and at least 1.8 metres tall. He was wearing two layers of loose-fitting T-shirts and bermudas.

From the description provided, the officers tracked down the man, who was still in the vicinity, and took him to the police station.

Mr Ho was taken to the Singapore General Hospital in an ambulance.

But what happened later got Mr Ho fuming mad.

'I was asked to go to Tanglin police station to identify my assailant. As soon as I identified the sailor, he was brought away by the American navy police. He left earlier than me!' he said.


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